social media.

Working in House at the Verizon 140 Agency a slew of projects are made. For my part I worked on social media assignments using an array of skills to create content with he focus of increasing brand sentiment. Using photography, design, animation, illustration, video editing, shooting video, and traditional art direction ideation alongside a copywriter; I must say we've been able to create some pretty cool content. However more importantly we had some fun along the way. 

Being part of a team is crucial, so a big shout out is owed to these folks.

Creative Directors:
Tofer Moran (art), Melissa Avery (copy), Cliff Skeete (art), James Cheung (copy).
Associate Creative
Directors: Angelo Pournaras (art), Peter B. Lee (copy), Gustavo Marulanda (art), Martin Martinez (art).
Lizzie Haberman, Jose Diaz
DK Wright, Jenna Lewis
Sameer Naseem, Daniela Guzman, Nicole Nejati
Oscar Martinez



Real-time content,
instagram story.

Play-by-play of the member experience throughout an event, utilizing native IG elements under social guidelines and engagement tools like polls. sliders, etc. The example show was for a rap caviar event featuring Chance the Rapper. Shot in real time and edited right after event in order to post while still being relevant.



Reward spotlight series,
instagram story.

Weekly showcases of the current month’s reward categories of Verizon Up. Edited and animated in house with brand type and style.




Taking the topic of 5G across Verizon’s media channels and explaining it in snackable content through info graphics.



Verizon Up,
“Because” campaign reel.

To kick off Verizon Up, the strategy to understand why Verizon was developing a fresh reward program was simple... because Verizon is thankful to their customers. Based off of that thread we extended the thought into why people should apply into the program, and thats because of all the amazing rewards they could get. With this core concept assets were created to show the everyday rewards the program offers, as well as the sentiment the reward itself brings.



Pixel 2 “Switcher”,
campaign videos.

With the release of the new Google Pixel 2 there was a desire to show customers how easy it is to switch from more established phone brands to the new Google phone. With this strategy a series of videos were created in collaboration with HunterGatherer to show just how easy it is to move content from one device to another.