Services overview.


Art direction/brand consultation.

Concepting on brands big and small live Verizon or privately owned businesses; I can provided direction and a creative strategy to either grow business, execute a project based need or increase positive engagement and sentiment through any or all uses of my creative capabilities in addition to directing other creatives.


Graphic design.

From logo development, print collateral, digital content or web design; the balance of communication and aesthetics is key. Inspired by the past for a more informed future.



Crafted to memorialize special moments from events, portraits and landscapes; photography is a true passion and love affair. Nickleback even wrote a song on “look at this photograph”, if they say it then I think it’s a pretty big deal.


Videography & video editing.

Taking special moments on steroids and actually reliving them in the best possible way. Much pride is taken in the ability to shoot and edit with a slue of personal equipment eagerly used at any possible moment.



Every now and then it’s been known to pick up a digital pencil and scribbled on digital paper.