Here's is some stuff I've worked on lately, stuff in progress, or stuff that didn't make was pretty cool but not cool enough.  

Painting "26"

Acrylic on Canvas 36"x48"

Acrylic on Canvas 36"x48"

Throughout the years working in advertising I've seem to detach myself from what I use to love doing. Painting. However now at 26 I've felt a need to create again. While reconnecting with my childhood art teacher and having a fresh need to decorate an empty apartment I've gotten back to dong what I use to love. 

Lately I've been inspired by Rothko and decided to create a layout similar to his. However in respect to Rothko he would water down his paint with turpentine and create vibrant colors by adding layer upon layer of paint. For my piece I started with a thin layer of watered down acrylic (similar to what Rothko would do) and painted a blend of a light yellow to a faint orange. From there I blotted the paint with a paper towel to create texture. After that I placed paint right on the work and mixed it on the canvas. This is where the thick strokes come in. In the center of the two color fields are thick coated strokes where you can see the contrast of colors and direction of the brush. Towards the edges it fades and blends similar to Rothko, however instead of having the paint bleed I used a dry brush to fade.

Something so simple can be so complex. Getting wrapped in the texture and direction of the brush stokes I've made something I can get lost in. Evidence of something that was there clear as day unable to see it. It's an interesting thought. 

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