Atelier & Repairs


Atelier & Repairs,
brand consultation.

Atelier & Repairs is a business whom's goal is to be an initiative and not just a brand. Within the fashion industry they eliminate excess and transform textiles that already exist. Over the summer of 2017 I got to spend a few months with them on site in Los Angeles. They're a start up retail business but for now I must say they have been my favorite clients. The task for them was to audit their visual language and create a look and feel for their social media. 

In addition to auditing and directing their social media, I also took a look at their existing logo and optimized it for smaller scale use and redrew for a better gestalt. In combination with that also expanded their visual language and provided a color palette based on their products, created a look book template for them, optimized an investor deck and consulted on their website visual language.

Check out their site here atelierandrepairs.com

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